Ihada Medicated UV Screen
Highly purified Vaseline formulation Prescribed for sensitive skin
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Ihada Medicated UV Screen

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This is a medicated sunscreen for use on the face and body, with no added ultraviolet absorbers (non-chemical). A gentle product feel with Shiseido’s comfortable skin formulation. It is a formulation that can be used daily by the whole family from babies*1 to adults, without the greasy feel. With a highly purified Vaseline formulation (for a hydrating barrier), your skin will not feel rough.No added ultraviolet absorbers, no added parabens (preservative), no added alcohol (ethanol), fragrance-free, color-free, and waterproof (tested for water resistance) therefore resistant to sweating and water. *1: Excludes newborns
*Skin hydrating barrier ingredient

Reasons to prescribe

Reason 1

Non-chemical formulation

With a non-chemical formulation of no added ultraviolet absorbers, skin is protected from strong ultraviolet rays! SPF50+, PA+++

Reason 2

Comfortable skin formulation

No greasy feel, no rough skin, comes off with your normal cleanser

Reason 3

The active ingredient against chapped skin
prevents chapped skin and dryness

The active ingredient against chapped skin prevents skin problems such as chapped skin and acne.

Active ingredient against chapped skin: Dipotassium glycyrrhizate
Reason 4

Hypoallergenic formulation that can be used every day,
even by those with sensitive skin

✓Fragrance-free ✓Color-free ✓No added alcohol (ethanol) ✓No parabens (preservative) ✓Carefully selected ingredients Allergy tested, with a formulation that is unlikely to cause acne (Allergies or acne may still occur in some people)

How to use

Shake well before use to prevent separation of ingredients. For face and neck application, use it as the last step in your skin care regime, by taking a small amount in the palm of your hand and gently massaging it into your skin. For body application, apply directly from the container in lines on your skin, and use the palm of your hand to spread out in a circular motion for even coverage.
*After perspiration or towel-drying, reapply the sunscreen as needed.
*Can be used as a base under makeup.
*Can be removed with your normal cleanser. Wash off by stroking the cleanser into your skin.

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