• For those annoying skin problems... Ihada’s product range includes medical care, skin care and protective care options.
  • Ihada medicines are non-steroidal Our products feel so great you can even use them on your face
  • With compact packaging, You can quickly treat your skin even while away from home

Search products according to problem


I want to fix my skin problems!

Skin problems that need immediate treatment - facial eczema, itching, dryness, acne etc.
Our treatment drugs are non-steroidal.


I want to prevent recurring skin problems such as dryness!

For recurring skin problems such as dryness, or those with sensitive skin.
These products contain highly purified Vaseline to moisturize and act as a protective barrier, as well as active ingredients against chapped skin.
For preventing skin problems such as dryness.


I want to protect myself from pollen and insects!

Live life more comfortably, with a spray/gel to block pollen/viruses/PM 2.5 particulates, as well as a spray to guard against insects using natural essential oils.